SWF2Go Professional

An award winning Adobe Flash Lite to Symbian SIS creation toolkit used by industry leaders at the time. SWF2Go Pro remained our flagship product from 2007 to 2012. During this time, we successfully released two major and four minor versions of the product.

SWF2Go Pro remained top rated product in its lifetime with developers from 50+ countries around the world. Some of the notable clients included Adobe, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, , DoCoMo, Microsoft, BBC, Yahoo, Virgin Media, Telecom Italia, Accenture and tons of small mobile game development shops.

Features & Technology

  • Developed with Microsoft .Net Framework, C#, C++, Epoc C++, Symbian OS SDK
  • Supported all versions of Symbian OS and all versions of Adobe Flash Lite runtime
  • User Interface matured over multiple release iterations and client feedback
  • Completely standalone solution without any third-party software or SDK dependency
  • Enabled developers to get through complex “Symbian Signed” process with ease
  • Recognized as the best solution by Nokia and Adobe technology teams

Screen Shots